Welding fume extraction systems

MGTech offers welding fume extraction systems and extraction units stand for highest reliability and quality. The extraction of welding fumes ensures clean air at the workplace. All fume extractors come with the following specifications: Easy installation and portability Simple, compact, & cost-effective. Dust-free & fume-free working environment. Low maintenance. Quiet & low power operation. For more information, go to the following page on our website:https://www.mgtech.com.mt/?page_id=6#!/~/search/keyword=fumeFor more information call MGtech on 2249 2232, or visit our...

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HELVI welding machines for car repairs

MIG welding is most commonly used to repair cars, motorbikes, recreational vehicles, vans and SUVs. The fact that it can provide a strong weld for even very thin metals makes MIG welding the ideal technique for assembling and repairing the body and/or interior of any vehicle. Below please find Helvi’s best options for welding machines for car repairs: HELVI TP202 It is a single-phase inverter welding unit on wheels with PFC technology (thanks to the...

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“Easy” Welding for beginners

What qualifies as the “easiest” type of welding is ultimately subjective, but metal inert gas (MIG) welding is generally thought of as one of the easiest types of welding to learn for beginners, because it uses a handheld gun and a nearly endless supply of welding wire fed from a machine. MIG welding gives a clean weld with no slag and can be applied to a variety of metals with different thicknesses. It’s great for...

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