Welding fume extraction systems

MGTech offers welding fume extraction systems and extraction units stand for highest reliability and quality. The extraction of welding fumes ensures clean air at the workplace. All fume extractors come with the following specifications: Easy installation and portability Simple, compact, & cost-effective. Dust-free & fume-free working environment. Low maintenance. Quiet & low power operation. For more information, go to the following page on our website:https://www.mgtech.com.mt/?page_id=6#!/~/search/keyword=fumeFor more information call MGtech on 2249 2232, or visit our...

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Choosing the right drill bit

Drill bits are important assets to have in your toolbox. These robust boring heads are designed with particular applications, drill formats, and base materials in mind. Before buying a bit for a particular job, one needs to consider the below three characteristics: Diameter When selecting your drill head types, always check its diameter. The size you require naturally depends on your project — for channelling  wiring beneath floorboards, you’ll need a large diameter bit, for...

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