HELVI welding machines for car repairs

MIG welding is most commonly used to repair cars, motorbikes, recreational vehicles, vans and SUVs. The fact that it can provide a strong weld for even very thin metals makes MIG welding the ideal technique for assembling and repairing the body and/or interior of any vehicle.

Below please find Helvi’s best options for welding machines for car repairs:


It is a single-phase inverter welding unit on wheels with PFC technology (thanks to the very high power factor, it allows an energy saving of 35%), microprocessor-controlled, suitable for MIG/MAG (manual, synergic). It is equipped with 2 digital displays which make the adjustment very easy and intuitive. Ideal for applications in welding metal shop and body workshops and specifically for the welding of stainless steel, aluminium and zinc-coated steels. Ideal for the use with two welding torches (not at the same time), two gas cylinders (Ar/Co2 and Ar, Ø170mm max for standard bracket, two wire spools (Al and CuSi) enabling then a simple and fast use. In synergic MIG/ MAG welding, the microprocessor allows an easy adjustment and an optimal arc stability and welding quality. These generators are equipped with a user-friendly panel control.

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Microprocessor-controlled welding inverter suitable for DC controlled MIG/MAG, TIG and STICK WELDING, which guarantees excellent stability of the welding arc and no welding spatters. In STICK mode, the microprocessor controls the Hot Start, Arc Force and Anti-sticking functions. In TIG mode, it controls the Lift Arc function and in MIG mode it allows either manual or fully synergic welding. Slope-up motor setting and automatic soft start wire feed control of the arc. All functions can be easily selected on the front panel. The digital LCD display shows the welding voltage and current and all the parameters selected. TP210 PFC is compact, lightweight and equipped to accept reels with diameter of 200 mm. Their simplicity and versatility make them perfect for use in body shops, workshops and for all maintenance tasks.

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Fox 185 FlexLine

Inverter Technology – Automatic line voltage compensation – Light and versatile – Patent usefull torch storage and cable wrapper – Easy to set thanks to the printed welding parameters – Excellent results even for novice users – Power generator friendly. Fox 185 is the star model of the range! It includes all the features of the range, plus it has others improvements which makes it a unique product on the product segment. Fast and easy setting mode thanks to the NEW synergic function. The user can in fact select the thickness to weld. Moreover, the model has the Flex-line technology which garantuee a high power factor and an high energy saving close to 35%(compare to a traditional inverter machine). It has also 2 digital display that make it easier to set and read the welding parameters.

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Spot Car 4000

Multifunction Spotter ideal for quick works on car body, controller by microprocessor easy and fast setting through synergic programs for welding washers, rivets, wavy wires, heating function included. Automatic start contact system or manual. Supplied with gun, hearth cable, Kit accessories included: Hammer, 10 pieces three point washers kit, cylindrical head for three point washers, carbon electrode

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Plasma PC33

The Plasma, based on Inverter technology, guarantees accurate and clean plasma cut up to 10 mm thickness. Easy to handle and operate, this system is suitable for cutting thin materials at high speed. The front panel is provided with clear and simple graphics for the adjustment of the cutting current and to indicate the intervention of any of the internal safety devices. Extra operator protection is provided by a special Start system. It is well suited for auto body repair shops, air conditioning systems and general plate working.

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HELVI welding machines are supplied in Malta by MGtech.
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